Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing

Research Report: "Choosing the Right Service Provider for Cloud Infrastructure Outsourcing"

The Customer-Experience Mandate

Research Report: "The Customer-Experience Mandate: Build Lasting Engagement With Better Websites"

Businesses that want to build lasting relationships between brands and customers must offer immersive, seamless web experiences that attract and engage users. IT leaders need to provide updated platforms for web content management, ecommerce, social media, analytics, and rich content. They also need these platforms to run on flexible, high-performance IT infrastructure so that customers can get lost in the experience — even when traffic explodes without warning

This report shows CIOs, IT leaders, and senior technologists how to deliver on this new mandate by enabling customer-experience management.

The IT Benefits of Bare-Metal Clouds

Research Report: "The IT Benefits of Bare-Metal Clouds"

Many in the IT industry believe that virtualized infrastructure is a requirement for cloud computing. However, both virtualized and bare-metal infrastructures are well suited for building clouds. The real question is how virtualized and bare-metal clouds are different, and in which cases the bare-metal option provides an advantage.

This report shows IT leaders how bare-metal clouds can help deliver greater value and efficiency than virtualized clouds alone, through consistent performance, hardware customization, security and risk management, and hybrid workloads.

Video: Best Practices for Saving Money on IaaS

Learn 11 best practices in just three minutes!

10 Best Practices for Saving Money on IaaS

Research Report: "10 Best Practices for Saving Money on IaaS"