The WorkXpress platform as a service (PaaS) provides non-programmers the ability to create limitless sophisticated business applications using five building blocks in an intuitive, drag and drop, point-and-click, secure, web-based environment.

WorkXpress 2.0 eliminates the need for coding, data modeling and database querying, while automating common systems administration tasks like maintenance or disaster recovery.

Additionally, WorkXpress offers full integrations with other applications and the latest web-based technologies; some options include Quickbooks, Skype, UPS, Google Maps, currency conversions, Google language translation, FTP services, IMAP email services, and many more. New integrations can also be easily created on the WorkXpress 2.0 platform.

WorkXpress 2.0 provides users the opportunity to license and sell their own customized applications via the website.

Company website.

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